Before starting treatment for enlargement of penis all above causes are investigated and proper diagnosis is made. Then we test whether penis enlargement is possible or not.

For this hormone therapy given for three months in form of male hormone injection, skin patches, or oral tablets. If penis enlarges in size i.e. it grows in size by more than 1.25 cm in these three months, it means penis of that patient has potential for further growth. Once it is decided by above test that penis has potential for further growth, in such patient further courses of hormone therapy is given. By few courses of hormone treatment penis enlarges by three to four inches. By this therapy penis girth also increases besides increase in length. This penis lengthening treatment is very effective in those patients’s in whom initial penis increasing potential test shows that penis has capability for further penis growth. Thus all patients achieve fully normal penis i.e. good penis length & thick penis. As penis increases in size patient’s confidence increases and feeling of well-being is achieved.

When we give below-mentioned hormones by any of the below-mentioned routes. The concentration of these hormones in blood circulation rises. This leads to binding of more hormones on androgen receptors of penis. After binding with receptors these hormones leads to certain changes in the penis tissue. This leads to multiplication of penile tissue leading to further growth. This continued multiplication of penile tissue leads to further penis growth. This continued multiplication of penis tissue under the effect of above mentioned hormone treatment continues till penis size normalizes. Usually in one-year time penis size as well as penis thickness i.e. girth normalizes. Unluckily most doctors have less knowledge about hormone treatment so that they neither investigate the patient nor give hormone or other medical therapy for penile growth.